Planning For A Crisis

Key Results

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Product Quality Complaint Data Accuracy

The Problem

Having experienced product recalls in recent years, a large pharmaceutical company began the process of developing a more robust action plan as part of a proactive approach to risk management.

They were working with two contact center vendors, one of which handled their core business on a regular basis; the other was “on-call” to provide additional support during periods of high contact volume, such as a product recall.

There were challenges with the secondary vendor, and they looked to us to provide a better solution.

Our Solution

Premiere Response initiated a comprehensive Crisis Readiness Plan, which includes an on-going relationship for crisis consulting and support services.

The plan addresses the people, process, and technology considerations which allow a seamless integration of our support, specifically when there is minimal implementation time available.

Our on-going support allows Premiere Response to have routine communication with the client to best understand changing business needs, update procedures and technology in real-time, and perform mock events to ensure readiness and quality.

The Conclusion

For companies that want to take a proactive approach to risk management, carefully considering your availability to handle a crisis is critical. A recall or data breach can have significant impacts on any brand or company. The way such an event is handled can make all the difference. Premiere Response offers Crisis Readiness Planning as a consultative service. Our customized plan details the people, process, and technology solutions based on your business needs.


Project Timeline

Day One
Notified of product recall. Pre-assigned TFN ready for release. Technology systems tested.
Day Two
Messaging & telephony programmed. Staffing aligned.
Day Three
SOPs reviewed. FAQs documented.
Day Four
Training materials finalized and published.
Day Five
10 hour training session for team and trainers.
Day Six
Went live at 8:00AM ET.