Retention And Sales

Key Results

ACC Has Outperformed 4 Other Vendors for the Past 2 Years
10- 0
ACC has Grown its Cancel/Save Team from 10 to 100 Agents
0 %
ACC’s Retention Numbers are Achieved Through Customization of Customer Accounts, Product Education, and Down-Sells
0 %
YTD 2014 Retention Sale Stats: ACC @ 28%, Vendor 2 @ 18%, Vendor 3 @ 19%, Vendor 4 @ 25%, Vendor 5 @ 15%

The Problem

Our Client, a well know direct marketing company, came to us with a need for overflow calls for their skin care product line sold by subscription. National campaigns and a hit product were taking off and they needed to ramp up quickly.

The Challenge was simple; answer questions, accept cancellations, but save those sales when possible. There were several other vendors working on the same program with steady growth. The client wanted to maintain redundancy and some competition while they were prepared to send the bulk of the calls to the best performer.

Our Solution

The Solution required our team to quickly develop a plan that included learning everything about the product, the continuity program offering, the restrictions and the common reasons for cancelations. We brainstormed these objections and potential rebuttals and subscription alterations that made sense for the consumer and the client. We developed a script that included a decision tree rebuttal tool that would help our representatives consistently and accurately work to save the subscriptions that consumers were calling to cancel. From profiling the right people to developing the tools that work, our focus is on designing a custom solution that caters to our clients’ needs.

The Conclusion

The Results show that consistent focus on people and processes delivers outstanding performance month over month and year over year.

Project Timeline