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Is your Contact Center the Grinch?

It’s not easy keeping service levels and quality standards high during the busy holiday season. Most of us see a spike in volume across all contact channels as the holidays approach, which can be tricky to manage.

A recent survey showed that nearly 70 percent of consumers reported worse customer experiences during the holiday months. This is a golden opportunity to stand out amongst competitors by delivering excellent customer service during the holiday season.

Impress your customers with quick responses, friendly staff, and memorable experiences. Here’s how with 4 tips to boost customer service this month:

  1. Lead by example. The holiday rush is a good thing for business, not a burden, but it can be stressful for employees, especially for those on the frontlines of the frantic holiday customer experience. Create an atmosphere that reflects the kind of attitude you want employees to display. Decorate workspaces to bring the joy of the holiday season to life and keep employees feeling upbeat. Be an example for everyone around you. Greet employees with a smile and check in throughout the day. Being visible allows you to keep a pulse on morale and gives employees ample opportunity to model your behavior. Attitude is contagious – Have a great one!
  2. Manage seasonal staff. Don’t be afraid to bring on some extra help to cover extended hours and increased volumes. If you’ve brought on seasonal employees, make sure they are scheduled alongside experienced staff. This will allow newbies to assimilate into your culture faster and have a better grasp of your overall expectations. New employees will benefit from listening to and watching the experienced person next to them. This also provides another outlet for questions to be answered without the intervention of a supervisor.
  3. Exceed expectations. Now is the time to surprise and delight customers. Be easy to do business with and find ways to create “wow” moments. “Wow” does not have to be elaborate or expensive; it needs to be thoughtful. Your customers may not remember what you said or did for them, but they will remember how you made them feel. Empower employees to do more to satisfy customers. This not only makes customers happy, but also keeps employees feeling good. Win-win!
  4. Say “Thank you”. Find ways to motivate and reward your staff. Bonus and incentive programs are great, but there are also many other ways to show employees you appreciate them during this time of year. Food goes along way! Having something to munch on throughout the day or providing lunch keeps the energy up and makes people feel appreciated. It also gives everyone a chance to get out of their seat, mingle, and chat with co-workers. A holiday party is another way to give everyone a chance to be social. Choose something that works for your organization and doesn’t exclude anyone because of the work schedule. Nothing is worse than not being able to attend a luncheon or holiday party because you were scheduled to work!

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