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Our most frequently asked questions, answered for your convenience.

Why should I outsource?

Outsourcing your customer service needs reduces your management time spent on non-core functions and allows for a greater focus on key strategies that drive your business. A partnership with a seasoned contact center, like Premiere Response, allows you to have a best-in-class service solution for your customers without spending a ton of internal resources making it happen. Plus, you get to enjoy all of the experience, technology, and infrastructure that Premiere Response brings to the table.

What are the benefits to outsourcing?

Premiere Response brings experience, innovative technology, reliable infrastructure, staffing flexibility, and comprehensive data analysis to your business from day one. We can take your customer care strategy to the next level and customize a solution just for you.

How long have you been in business?

Premiere Response was born in 2005. As our client list grew, we realized that we “needed a bigger boat” and a way to deliver a more versatile selection of service solutions to our clients and prospects. That’s when we met American Customer Care. American Customer Care has been in business since 1986 with a lot of experience in publishing, sales support, and seasonal ramping. So in 2009 we made it official and now Premiere Response is a division of American Customer Care.

Who is American Customer Care?

American Customer Care is our parent company. Together we have 7 domestic contact centers and 1 near-shore location. American Customer Care has been operational since 1986 and has a wide range of experience including consumer products, electronics, retail/e-tail, publishing, tech-support, sales, continuity, and seasonal ramping… just to name a few.

What is the difference between American Customer Care and Premiere Response?

American Customer Care and Premiere Response share 3 core-value pillars: Insight, Adaptability, and Experience. This is the foundation of who are and unites us in how we deliver customized solutions to our clients. Each company has its own focus and expertise, which sets them apart from one another.

The core-competencies of Premiere Response include strategic thinking, project consulting, industry benchmarking, specialized staffing, and recall/crisis support. At Premiere Response, we think outside the box and bring service strategies to you. We are a collaborative partner and bring you new ways to engage with your customers. Our experience in the consumer packaged goods, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical/healthcare industries means we know what service these consumers expect and allows us to exceed those expectations. It also means we have experience with the FDA, HIPPA, recalls, and crisis support. Premiere Response has the expertise to design the consumer journey, implement CRM technology, and hire a specialized staff.

American Customer Care has core-competencies that include scalability, flexibility, optimization, and quality. They have a proven track record of being able to ramp quickly for seasonal volume spikes or unexpected events, are swift and flexible with solutions as your business needs change, and are experts in optimizing operations to meet your service and budget goals. American Customer Care is focused on delivering quality service, and excels with sales, retention, and continuity-based programs across multiple industries including consumer products and retail support.

Where are you located?

The Premiere Response Headquarters is located in North Bergen, NJ. This is conveniently located about 20 minutes from New York City and Newark International Airport.

Premiere Response, together with American Customer Care, has a total of 7 contact centers across the country.

How will you deliver the service I want and my customers expect?

We take a lot of time up front to understand you, your business, and your consumers. Throughout the implementation phase we will work closely with you to be sure we understand your expectations and set up the metrics we will use to make sure that we meet those expectations.

What services and solutions do you offer?

We are a full service contact center. We can handle any contact including letters, phone calls, emails, chat, text, consumer reviews, social media, brand communities… you name it, we can do it. We have experience in both B to B and B to C communication and have worked in a number of different industries. We offer the best technology and partner with some of the best technology providers in the industry. Our solutions are customized to fit your need.

We are also experts in crisis management and product recalls. We have handled some of the largest recalls in the U.S. over the past 10 years and can work with you to be sure you have a viable solution in place should a crisis or recall ever happen to you.

How do I know what solution is right for me?

We would love to understand more about you so that we can recommend a solution. Please visit our Contact Us page and reach out to us.

How do you hire and train?

We take our time sourcing and hiring our care team. This typically involves a representative profile calibration with our client and a number of interviews with any candidate. Our training programs are designed uniquely for each client, but typically consist of classroom training, side-by-side training, hands-on training, knowledge testing, and monitoring sessions. We also have an on-going quality program that allows our representatives to receive on-going support and feedback from their manager.

Do you have any job openings?

Please visit our Career Opportunities page to learn more.

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