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Our CRM Strategists Design Solutions

Premiere Response will provide you with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions customized to meet your company’s need for complete and accurate documentation of customer interactions. We will work with you to ensure your CRM delivers data with the end result in mind: what customer input and reporting will drive critical business decisions? We integrate with the leading CRM systems including SAP and Astute, and we are well versed in integrating with customer developed CRM systems. Our data analysts can design a customized CRM application for your business or build interfaces with your current applications.

Through Our CRM Solutions, We Can

  • Profile your consumer demographics
  • Document verbatims, product information, customer types, call subjects, lot codes and hundreds of other pieces of information about a contact
  • Provide automated email management and web chat services
  • Assign tasks to agents based on skills
  • Track and manage adverse events and quality complaints
  • Provide dealer locator and consumer profile services
  • Collect survey data from your customers via live agent or web
  • Provide robust reporting including dashboards, graphic summaries, and trend analysis
  • Gather data for legal, marketing, quality assurance and more
  • Improve your online access to Build an online reference tool to house all of your product and process information

CRM Email Handling

Our email management system can be programmed to seek responses for both simple and complex consumer inquiries. Messages are designed to gather missing bits of data or to request extensive amounts of data from the consumer. Once the response is received, data is updated within the CRM and the transaction is completed.

CRM is your tool for success

Understand your consumer better

Track and categorize contacts from all channels

Provide cross functional insights

Data can be overlaid with external insights

Custom dashboards for stakeholders