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Advanced Technology Integration

Our technology team and IT leadership are skilled in integrating various systems to capture and analyze meaningful customer and contact details. We work with some of the leading technology solutions in the customer care industry, and our teams seamlessly mesh these different communication sources together to record, track, catalogue, analyze and share data with clients uniformly.

Technology Integration Designed For You

There is an art and science to turning data into insights. Our teams will ensure that your customer data is not only securely tracked but leveraged to support your strategic goals. From AI assisted knowledge bases to advanced telephony systems, we can integrate with your existing systems or customize a suite of data integration tools based on your needs.

Let Us Design Your Solution

Our IT and technology solutions team can manage an integration with your existing systems. or create a custom solution for you.  Contact us to find out how.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

IVR/Virtual IVR Development

Track contacts from all channels

Remote Connectivity/Virtual Contact Center

ASP, HTML, VB, Vbscript and Javascript

Unified Messaging across systems