Sam DiLiberto

Executive Vice President, Contact Solutions

Customer service strategist and sales executive Sam DiLiberto has more than 25 years’ experience in consumer affairs. Well known among his broad network of industry peers as a highly-skilled contact center consultant, he specializes in making and keeping trusted connections and bringing an energetic style and motivation to business development.

He focuses on envisioning programs for brands with high-level customer experience requirements across CPG, consumer products, and other niche service and sales verticals that require a uniquely high-touch approach. Mr. DiLiberto has been an active member of SOCAP and has served in various roles on its New York Board of Directors for over 25 years.

A former executive with Sony Corporation, Mr. DiLiberto has managed strategic planning, store operations, and customer service programs at both the corporate and retailer levels. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management from Rutgers University.