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Your Customers Want To Chat – Are You Listening?

Your customers want to chat – are you listening?

Customers will always have questions. And these days they aren’t just asking questions over the phone. Since the inception of the internet, digital conversations via email, social media and live chat are growing in popularity. Live chat is especially popular as it allows for instant,  two-way conversations without being tied to a phone line. The customer service experts at Premiere Response reveal why live chat is the new toll free call and how you can use it to keep your customers active, loyal and satisfied.

What is live chat?

Live chat via texting or a web portal is a great way to connect with your customers wherever they are—via their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Chat allows customers to reach out with a typed or dictated message and receive an instant response from a trained customer service rep. Like phone contacts, live chat is a two-sided conversation that delivers instant answers. But unlike phone conversations, live chat means never having to waste time on hold, never having to listen to an automated voice telling to you dial 2 for billing, dial 3 for support.  And the interactivity of live chat means reps can attach live links or copy and paste content to solve customer service issues in real time. All this translates into a higher level of customer satisfaction that even beats out phone support for some audiences.

Is live chat right for your business?

If you crave better, faster communication with your customers using a flexible, easy to use format that customers love, then live chat is for you. One of the best things about live chat is that it can actually save you money over live phone assistance, which requires hefty ongoing costs and a large dedicated staff. The back-and-forth nature of live chat allows customer service reps to handle multiple inquiries at once, while phone reps must handle only one customer at a time. Moreover, live chat allows for hands-on technical assistance while the customer is on the line, providing high-end problem solving in real time. There’s no better way to push upsells and convert browsers into buyers than live chat. From tech support and retail assistance to healthcare, e-commerce, instruction/help sites and more, live chat is always there for your customers.

Here’s how to get started…

Contact Premiere Response today and let us set up a live chat program for your brand. Getting started is quick, easy, and almost as instant as live chat itself. The customer service pros at Premiere Response are prepared to step up and answer the call whether it comes via email, social media, live chat, text or phone. Contact us to get started, today.

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