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Premiere Response is committed to providing you with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions customized to meet your company’s need for complete and accurate documentation of customer interactions. We approach your CRM needs with the end result in mind: what information and reporting does your company require to make critical decisions based on consumer input? We utilize a variety of industry standard CRM systems such as Wilke-Thornton CRS, SAP and Astute and we connect to a variety of customer CRM systems. We can also build a customized application for your business or build interfaces with your current business applications.

Through our CRM applications we can:

  • Collect consumer demographics
  • Document consumer verbatim, product information, customer types, subject of the call, lot codes and hundreds of other pieces of information about a call
  • Provide automated email management
  • Provide automated web chat services
  • Task contacts to agents with various skill levels
  • Manage issues such as adverse events and quality complaints
  • Provide dealer locator and consumer profile services
  • Collect survey data from your customers via live agent or web
  • Provide robust reporting including dashboards, graphical summaries and trend analysis
  • Integrate with your internal systems to provide essential data to various entities within your company including legal, marketing, quality assurance and more.
  • Build an online reference tool to house all of your product and process information

PLUS…CRM E-mail Handling Many of our clients request automated email responses to complete a transaction. This can take the form of simple messages to gather missing bits of data to requesting extensive amounts of data (in a user-friendly format). Our email management system can be programmed to provide responses for both simple and complex consumer inquiries. We currently provide this capability to many of our clients. This can be delivered from a representative’s desktop as needed. All information contained in the response will be updated to the database/system used for your program. Once a response is received from the consumer, the transaction will be completed and the database/system updated.

The CRM professionals at Premiere Response can help you maximize the use of your current CRM database or provide new CRM tools to build valuable relationships with your customers. Let’s get started.

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