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At Premiere Response, we utilize the most advanced contact center software available, giving us the flexibility and Interactive Intelligence to handle each customer communication in the best way possible.

This Interactive Intelligence starts with a software-based phone switch, available at every Premiere Response contact center. This best of breed call center application provides ACD, PBX, unified messaging, email, web chat, digital recording, Integrated Voice Response (IVR), predictive dialing, CTI, reporting, and other call center functional requirements all in one integrated system.

All this high-tech equipment brings you a top of the line interactive contact center that’s poised to handle all your customer contact needs.

Switch Technology

Switch technology plays a critical role in Interactive Intelligence, streamlining call vectoring to the representative best able to handle your calls. Our automated call distribution capabilities allow us not only to route the call, but also to alert the representative of who’s calling and pop the script, keeping our representatives one step ahead of the customer. Skills-based routing may also be utilized to make your program more efficient by splitting out certain types of calls and routing them to designated representatives on your program. Interactive switch technology allows us to identify the program the customer is calling in on, route the call to the agent best able to handle the call, and pop the agent screen applicable for that program automatically. The only thing the customer sees is great service.

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD technology allows Premiere Response to handle customer interactions in any form the customer chooses, whether it be by phone, email, web, U.S. mail, IVR, and more. Switch technology treats any customer inquiry uniformly as a “contact” to be routed based on skills and priorities within the queue to the appropriate representative. This assures incoming calls are distributed to the right agent for the job (e.g. – Spanish-speaking agents, those who are specifically trained on a certain client, those agents who can handle calls from a number of different clients, etc.). If all agents for a particular job are busy, it will send the call into a “queue” which will have an announcement that states that all lines are currently busy, please hold until an agent becomes free and give estimated hold time. The system also handles complex overflow and escalation schemes, allows callers to navigate self-help menus while on hold, and provides audible agent alerts (into our agents’ headsets) pre-recorded agent greetings, and will “pop” the agents’ screens for whatever project they are working on. We have found that the easier you make it for your customers to interact with your company, the faster that loyalty and long-term relationships are established.

Make sure your customer contact center has the latest technology to accommodate your customers and benefit your business. Contact Premiere Response today…we’re ready to help!

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