The Premiere Response .EDU: Learning & People Development

Key Results

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Agents trained remotely
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Average CSAT improvement

The Problem

Our employees are the front lines for our clients’ brands and service programs. We customize each program to reflect the culture, brand voice, technology, data retrieval needs, and service levels our clients expect.  Providing exceptional customer care for your organization or brand requires a proven, measurable approach to training and consistent refinement and improvement.

Our Solution

Our .EDU Learning and People Development team creates and customizes learning content using scientifically supported adult learning theory. This calls for scenario-based lessons that make training feel as much like live customer engagement as possible.

For many of our programs, we provide a dedicated learning facilitator for each client team, who works closely with the program manager and quality assurance.  Through observation measured against program-specific requirements, the facilitator identifies and develops training modules for proficiency improvement opportunities.

The Conclusion

We seamlessly blend our proprietary soft skills training with our clients’ content. We design our courses to deliver content following our representatives’ workflow so they learn processes and skills the way they will use them every day.  This strategy simulates the “just-in-time” learning methodology and speeds the path to proficiency.

Breaking a process or task into steps that the learners try before moving to the next step allows us to build a progressive, continuous practice. Every time the participants practice a step, they start at the beginning of the process to encode knowledge and build behaviors.

Finally, we design continual learning strategies that help reinforce skills using spaced repetition throughout our representatives’ tenure.

Project Timeline

While we are the experts in learning and customer services, no one knows our clients’ business better than they do. That’s why .EDU works as a partnership following four phases:

Phase 1


We assess the client’s learning content including what is ready, what needs to be revised, and what needs to be built. We then explore delivery modality:
  • E-learning
  • Instructor-led
  • Blended
Phase 2

Design & Development

This step may be as simple as reworking a client’s existing syllabus to follow our methodology and integrate our proprietary soft skills to a complete overhaul of the material.
Phase 3


We partner with each client to create an interactive and engaging learning experience. Based on their needs, we can own 100% of the delivery, just delivery of our soft skills content, or anything in between.
Phase 4

Continual Learning

We constantly measure our representatives based on quality and process metrics. When we identify performance gaps, we immediately perform a root cause analysis to develop and deliver targeted learning interventions.