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Our crisis management experts are ready to answer the call.

Working with Premiere Response means having a highly-trained team by your side—experienced, up to speed, ready to handle any crisis. Our crisis management experts have seen it all before and are ready to stand on the front lines for you, fielding customer calls and bringing resolution one customer at a time. We evaluate the needs of all your customers—both internal and external—for the optimal customer experience, even in a time of crisis.

High Volume Event, Recall, PR Issue

Are you prepared to field 1,000 customer calls in an hour? Premiere Response is! Our crisis management experts are ready to answer the call in a flash. Let Premiere Response step up to the plate to manage and report on a variety of brand challenges including product recalls, adverse events, quality complaints, FDA reporting, damage and warranty claims and more.

Planning, Management, Technology

What’s better than surviving a PR crisis? Planning ahead to minimize the damage while projecting the image that you’re in control. Time is of the essence with any crisis or high volume event. Premiere Response is poised to help you get a jump on the unexpected with planning strategies and technology solutions that can be put into action in an instant. Then we’ll walk through the plan with a mock event to get the kinks out. Crisis management and planning is one of Premiere Response’s value-added services that will pay off in the long run.

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