Jeffrey Neistat, CPA

President and CEO

Mr. Neistat joined American Customer Care in 1995 and successfully facilitated the company’s expansion from its headquarters in Bristol, CT to five additional facilities across the Northeast and Midwest. Mr. Neistat led the company’s growth from $4M in sales to more than $45M, overseeing its expansion into inbound capabilities, its acquisition of Premiere Response (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACC), and its transition to a cutting edge, best-in-class technology platform.

Ensuring profitable operations among American Customer Care’s six call centers, Mr. Neistat provides stable leadership and maximizes the company’s opportunities for growth and efficient client service. His significant experience in developing cost-effective solutions for ACC client’s outsourcing needs while maintaining hands-on oversight of operations and business development plans is invaluable to the team, clients, and customers.

Mr. Neistat was the founding chairman of the Telemarketing Advisory Committee for Business Publications Audit (BPA Worldwide), the organization that oversees the trade publishing industry’s call center regulations.

Prior to joining American Customer Care, Mr. Neistat was a senior partner in a regional accounting firm where he developed significant expertise in the areas of business consulting, audit and tax, litigation support, and real estate. Mr. Neistat has been a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Connecticut for the past 35 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from East Carolina State University.